Sara Mayo’s resignation from the Socialist Party – her letter to Hannah Sell


You continue to victim blame me and call me a liar for ‘overstating my own harm’. You are an appalling human being, directly responsible for causing me great pain and loss of confidence. If I chose to accept your version of events I would never be able to recover from this ordeal.

Worse, you are taking the side of Les – the sex criminal – even supporting his complaint, escalating it IMMEDIATELY to the appeals ctte, though I went thru the Wales E.C. and E.C. first! Adding further acid to your fire, you tell me Les’ appeal will be handled at the same time as mine.

Therefore, you do not care how much you are hurting me as a victim of sexual violence and you are directly trying to making this party unsafe for me for making me have contact with the man who has traumatised me.

HANNAH SELL – E.C. – I do not have to convince any of you what the truth is, you are both demeaning me and attempting to humilate me – THE VICTIM OF A SEXUAL ASSAULT –
for the ‘crime’ of speaking out.

We, on the other hand, know the truth, which is the most important thing in recovery. What is important is that I feel safe wherever I choose to be and that I speak the truth. I have many many friends and supporters in the SP and they too will be speaking out and are discussing it in their branches. We will battle for women’s safety in this party until this is achieved.

Your decision to defend Steve Hedley and the RMT will go down in history as the 21st century eqvuivalent of the Eleanor Marx / Will Thorne case, where Thornhill tricked Eleanor to commit suicide so he could leave her for another woman.

You would have let Eleanor Marx go too and defended poor old Will.

I will reply in full to everything you’ve scandalously written and done here but my recovery and mental health are the priority for me now.

Therefore Hannah, I resign today in protest at your singularly failure to make this a safe party for me and your despicable decision to defend Les Woodward.

Well done Hannah. What outstanding work on your part.

You are NOT my comrade and do not ever address yourself as such to me again

You are on the wrong side of history Hannah and I only hope that comrades in the party successfully fight to overthrow your incorrect position on the SWP case, Caroline’s case and my own and how to make the labour movement and SP safe for women


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6 Responses to Sara Mayo’s resignation from the Socialist Party – her letter to Hannah Sell

  1. sakollantai says:

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    My resignation letter this afternoon to Hannah Sell. I consider myself a member of CWI and hope to move abroad shortly. I hope to join another CWI section which fights for women’s rights, so long as you want me, of course. Please excuse the emotions I express in this email to Hannah but she has hurt me in the most profound way possible by claiming I’m a liar about what Les Woodward did to me and Hannah and E.C. support Les, against me, his victim. Comradely, Sara Mayo, former Deputy Branch Sec of Socialist Party Wales Cardiff South branch

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  3. Jim Monaghan says:

    I think it was Aveling and not Will Thorne

  4. Hello,
    I’m very interested in contacting Sara by personal message. I leaved my party too years ago, not because sexual violence but because of moral harassment by an ex who had enough influence in the party to isolate me and demonise me; the situation was quite difficult, but became impossible when the speakwoman of the party, a “feminist” started to support him and to tell everywhere I was mentally insane and a pathological liar.
    Now time has past and I recovered, But I’m very interested in talking about the “normal misogynie” that allow those situation to happen in our organisation.

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