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Book Review – How to Live Forever or Die Trying, by Bryan Appleyard

It’s a sad fact that my first book review on this blog is of a book that I really didn’t like.  So many books I read are good, a few are indifferent, a few are brilliant.  But this book got … Continue reading

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Exams should be abolished – part 2

I dealt with some of the justifications outlined for ‘high-stakes’ testing, and the testing culture, in the previous part.  In this part, I want to peel back the surface justifications, to deal with the real reason why formal examinations – … Continue reading

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Exams Should Be Abolished – Part 1

Public exams, whether they are the National Curriculum Tests (SATs), GCSEs, A-Levels or similar, should be scrapped.  These exams, and all the associated paraphernalia of league tables, performance pay, should go. This is not an argument against any sort of … Continue reading

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Privatisation of Schools

Guest post by Dave Clinch, retired secretary of Devon NUT: This week I’ve been visiting, with a colleague, National Union of Teachers (NUT) members in primary, special and secondary schools in Cornwall. The purpose of our visits was to find … Continue reading

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Argument 6 – Labour’s economic policy is vile and stupid.

I said in the previous piece that I wouldn’t comment on Labour’s new economic policy, but there are a few things I have to say in addition to the previously linked argument for a new workers’ party by Mark Wright. … Continue reading

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They put it better than I ever could…

…some links to posts that I either couldn’t have written, or don’t need to write now they’ve done it so well. Mark Wright makes the argument for abandoning any idea about somehow ‘changing’ or ‘reforming’ the Labour Party.  Personally, I … Continue reading

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Guest post – Education, Tory style – Echoes of the Victorians

Guest post by Dave Clinch, retired secretary of Devon NUT and anti-academies activist. Michael Gove is planning to have teachers sacked even if they are ill. At Tavistock Community College, one of the largest Community Colleges in the South West, … Continue reading

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