My resignation from the Socialist Party

I have resigned my membership of the Socialist Party.While this is not entirely due to the position on TUSC, that is a significant part of my reason for leaving. It is clear that there is a large divergence between the perspective I have over TUSC and that of the vast majority of the Socialist Party. TUSC is far too important to let die, and I fear that the party’s attitude will ensure that. However, I had planned to continue our dialogue on TUSC, and earlier today pressed Judy Beishon for details on the Internal Bulletin, for which I had submitted a piece on learning the lessons from Eastleigh and Maltby. In addition, I had planned to meet with a national committee member early in May to discuss TUSC and the party.

However, parallel developments over the last few weeks (which you will no doubt be aware of), culminating in the resignation today of Sara Mayo from the party, mean that I am no longer willing to continue in the Party. I believe that her treatment by the Welsh leadership, and the Executive Committee, is nothing short of shameful. It also seems to indicate certain things about how the party operates that I think are holding us back. Unlike many leaving revolutionary parties, I continue to hold that revolution is important and essential, and more than that, a revolutionary party is vital. I just no longer think that the model of revolutionary party that the Socialist Party constitutes – closed, secretive, London-centric, with limited and indirect democracy – can ever win mass appeal.

I feel extremely sad at writing this email. I have been a member of the Socialist Party for over eight years now, and much of the Party’s work is an inspiration, as are many of the members, yourself certainly included. I have met and become friends with many remarkable people.

I do not intend to be one of those ex-members that bitterly attacks the Socialist Party, because there is too much positive work done by the party and many of its members, though I will make comment on various things, particularly with regard to TUSC, the structure and workings of the party and how the party has handled Sara’s sexual assault. I hope that fraternal and comradely relations can still exist between me and those who remain in the party, particularly in the south-west. We will continue to work together.


Jim Lowe

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