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Review of 2011 – Outlook on 2012

With Socialist Party General Secretary Peter Taaffe: Advertisements

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Obvious Filler Post 1 – The Best of 2011

I’m not going to be so negative as to dedicate a whole post to the worst of the year.  Just imagine George Osborne’s cold dead eyes and you have the essence of it. So here is a selection of the … Continue reading

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Argument 4 – Individuals can, and do, make a difference in history.

It’s said that the greatest trick the Devil performed was to persuade us that he doesn’t exist.  This year, Adam Werritty tried the same stunt, with less success.  But if we were looking to the great tricks of those who … Continue reading

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Argument 3 – Increased tribalism in football is filling a need.

More than a few sports journalists  have noted in recent weeks a deepening of ‘tribalism’ among football supporters that has taken hold.  The triggers for these thoughts have been the racist incidents on the field, involving England captain John Terry … Continue reading

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Argument 2 – If you have to shop on Boxing Day, be nice.

Spare a thought not only for those who have to work tomorrow, in hospitals and the emergency services, but those who have to work on Boxing Day as well.  At least if you are working because it is essential that … Continue reading

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Article of the week 1

Paul Kershaw writes regular articles on housing in ‘The Socialist‘, newspaper of the Socialist Party, of which I am a member.  These excellent pieces highlight the numerous facets of the housing scandal in this country.  This week’s article (I have … Continue reading

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Argument 1 – We need ‘Total Health’, not make do and mend.

This is not a piece on the Government’s attempts to privatise the NHS.  Excellent articles on this critical matter can be found elsewhere. However, one part of the proposed changes to the NHS is relevant here.  The original version of … Continue reading

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