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Sara Mayo’s ROSA – Violence Against Women – Statement

A few months ago, I resigned from the Socialist Party. The trigger for this was the hypocritical cant published by Hannah Sell about dealing with sexual assault and domestic violence in the labour movement, at the culmination of a series … Continue reading

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TUSC – The Way Forward

Back in 2004 Dave Parks of Exeter Socialists wrote an article about Respect, the Socialist Alliance and electoral politics. This article included the following: “The first response of your average working class voter on receiving a RESPECT leaflet will be … Continue reading

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Socialists and GM Foods – A Response

I originally wrote this piece in response to a debate on genetically modified agriculture in The Socialist several weeks ago. Given my resignation from the Socialist Party, it is now unlikely to appear, so I publish it below: The debate … Continue reading

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My resignation from the Socialist Party

I have resigned my membership of the Socialist Party.While this is not entirely due to the position on TUSC, that is a significant part of my reason for leaving. It is clear that there is a large divergence between the … Continue reading

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Sara Mayo’s resignation from the Socialist Party – her letter to Hannah Sell

Hannah You continue to victim blame me and call me a liar for ‘overstating my own harm’. You are an appalling human being, directly responsible for causing me great pain and loss of confidence. If I chose to accept your … Continue reading

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Travels round North Devon on my pins – 1. Goodleigh

Around this time last year I made the decision to change my lifestyle. Not get fit or diet, or go on a health kick, but change my lifestyle. Break old habits, create new ones, do some achievable and sustainable. Something … Continue reading

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Privatisation – bad for schools and children

Last year, Devon County Council privatised the school meals service.  Now it seems, as a result of this, some primary schools are now not able to provide hot meals to their pupils.  The managing director of the company which provides … Continue reading

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