They put it better than I ever could…

…some links to posts that I either couldn’t have written, or don’t need to write now they’ve done it so well.

Mark Wright makes the argument for abandoning any idea about somehow ‘changing’ or ‘reforming’ the Labour Party.  Personally, I don’t see what stops all three of the main parties from merging.  You once could only put a fag paper between them, now Eds Balls and Miliband have ripped away the fag paper and scutched up to Cameron, Osborne and Clegg.  What is the point of the useless, spineless creeps that constitute the parliamentary Labour Party, or Labour councillors?

A thoroughly positive example of an elected representative, who fought for his constituents while fighting the broader battle for socialism, was former Socialist Party Coventry City councillor Rob Windsor, who has died tragically young at the age of 47.  Here is Coventry Socialist Party’s obituary, ‘The Man Who Helped Melt the Iron Lady’.

Words cannot adequately express how disgusted I am with the suggestion that £60 million of taxpayers money be used to buy the Queen a yacht.  That’s more than the cuts made to Devon County Council’s budget last year that has resulted in so many jobs and vital services lost.  Here’s a mischievous article from the Weekly Worker comparing the British monarchy to the Stalinist silliness in North Korea.  I don’t agree with a lot in the Weekly Worker, but I reckon they’re onto something here…

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