Argument 2 – If you have to shop on Boxing Day, be nice.

Spare a thought not only for those who have to work tomorrow, in hospitals and the emergency services, but those who have to work on Boxing Day as well.  At least if you are working because it is essential that some service is still provided on Christmas Day, you know that what you are doing is important.  Speaking as a former retail worker, I can guarantee that going to work on Boxing Day just so people can shop does not bring the same consolation.  If it were up to me all shops would be closed Boxing Day.  Given that they’re not, and that due to cutbacks shops will be more understaffed than usual but still dealing with masses of customers, I make the following appeal:

Don’t shop on Boxing Day.  And if you absolutely, absolutely have to (which you don’t unless dragged there) – be nice.  You will have to wait to be served, the person who serves you will not know everything about every one of the thousands of items in store, and you may not get what you want.  If the deals sound better than they are, this is the company’s fault, not the staff.  Imagine the people you are dealing with are human beings.  You should do this regardless of where it gets you, but now I’ll let you into a dirty little secret – contrary to the claims in some newspaper articles that suggest you will get what you want if you behave like a hungover Alan Sugar, we bend over backwards for nice customers, and work hard to do the opposite for unpleasant ones.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas, and a shopping-free/being nice to staff Boxing Day.

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2 Responses to Argument 2 – If you have to shop on Boxing Day, be nice.

  1. Paul Martin says:

    And as a shop worker reminded me this morning many retail staff face losing their jobs thanks to this age of austerity courtesy of Dodgy Dave and co.

  2. Yes, the next few weeks are going to be very dark indeed in terms of retail jobs lost. Who’d have thought taking money out of people’s pockets by making them unemployed and freezing their pay would reduce demand? Only the trade unions, anti-cuts activists, sane economists and anyone else who thought about. But who were derided or ignored by all three main parties and the media.

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