Yet another new blog

Blogs come and go, some last longer than others.  Hopefully this will last longer than most.

The reason I’ve set this blog up is that I have several thoughts for ‘short arguments’ a week, and hopefully this will provide a means to make something of those thoughts.  I make no pretence of not being a propagandist for the causes and opinions I hold, but this shouldn’t be confused with intellectual dishonesty.  Truth matters, and it is a great weapon against the powerful and mendacious.

I will try and deal with a number of issues, though on some I am far from being an expert.  I make no apologies for this, but hopefully the tones of the pieces will reflect my level of knowledge and understanding – I don’t pretend to be omniscient as some bloggers do.

By all means argue back through the comments, but the cardinal rules are: honesty, politeness and perspective.  I will never delete a critical comment that is honest, constructive and polite, I will delete in a heartbeat a supportive comment that lacks any of those qualities.

I will also try to live up to those qualities as well, and additionally I aim to avoid windbaggery, a failing I sometimes recognise in myself.

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